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Dr. Jennifer Kegel, a radiologist at Lancaster General Health, knows what her breast cancer patients are going through... because she faced breast cancer herself.

"Take one step at a time, one moment at a time."  Those are the words of Dr. Jennifer Kegel, a radiologist at Lancaster General Health who is also a breast cancer survivor.

Graphic designer Joanne Cassaro's life turned upside down when she received a stage I ovarian cancer diagnosis.  The cancer diagnosis and knowing that she had to give up her dream of having a baby took an emotional toll on Joanne.  But, in 2004, an art project helped her cope.

A doctor shares an emotional personal essay about a young Menonite mother who faced a life-threatening diagnosis of leukemia.  No matter how hard he tried, his young patient could not agree to the chemotherapy that Dr. Ballard knew could save her life.  A cure was possible.

This video highlights our team's experience volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA.

Volunteers can make a big difference in the lives of families facing cancer. The Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA depends on volunteers to make dinners every night, clean the facilities and interact with the parents and children.

Dr. Keep is enthusiastic about the accuracy and benefits of a new technology called the CyberKnife. One of the major benefits being that this operation is done on an outpatient basis with minimal to no side-effects and quick recovery time.

Mike Sostar was the very first person in the Central Pennsylvania area to go under the CyberKnife for his pituitary tumor.

Michelle Rubeo, a breast cancer survivor, and her family received a special gift. They went to Orlando, FL courtesy of For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation.

Vicky Darden is a courageous cervical cancer survivor with a mission.  She is selling all of her possessions so that she can bike around the world for a year, delivering smiles to some of the 28 million cancer survivors out there.

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