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Mindfulness is an ancient form of meditation that is about bringing awareness to a present experience.  Practicing this technique can help cancer patients gain some control during their journey with the disease.

K.C. Delp, the Executive Director of Olivia's House, a grief and loss center for children in York, PA, says that their goal is to help kids put meaning to their loss and cope in a positive and healthy way.

Julie Bolton is an oncology nurse at Lancaster General Health's Infusion Center.  Julie looked up to her mother who was a great role model as a nurse.  She had many opportunities to observe her mother interacting with her patients and this inspired her to become a nurse herself.

Jean Gabsewics and Mary Ann Gano are both registered dietitians and oncology dietitians at WellSpan Health's York Cancer Center.  They explain in the video below, why getting 5 servings of fruits and vegetables is so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fending off cancer.

This holiday season, cancer survivors and family members reflect on how cancer has been a gift in their lives.

Diana Peslis is a nurse at PinnacleHealth and she is a thyroid cancer survivor.  She says her cancer diagnosis was unexpected.  A colleague noticed that Diana’s neck was getting larger and suggested that she go to a doctor to check it out.  That doctor sent her off for further testing.  She then received the diagnosis of cancer and began treatment.

Kristin Gilhool and Marc Hirschler inherited a lot from their mother…bright smiles and a zest for life.  But, they also inherited a heightened risk for cancer.

Jen and Jeff Baker have been receiving treatment at Hershey Medical Center for their 17 year-old daughter Jessi since she was four months old.  She was born with Down syndrome, hydrocephalus and a heart disease.  They received some painful news when they took her in for a back problem that just wouldn’t heal.  The doctor sent them to the ER where they were told that Jessi had leukemia.

Bette Martin has battled breast cancer, and has also battled stage four liver, bone and brain cancer.  She has undergone radiation and chemotherapy to treat her cancer, but has also turned to alternative methods of healing such as healing touch therapy and the ancient Japanese practice of Reiki.

The definition of philanthropy:  
1.  The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed esp. by the generous donation of money to good causes.
2.  A philanthropic institution; a charity.

Or, as Jay Bucher, the President of the Lancaster General Health Foundation, says, "philanthropy is goodwill to mankind."  He is happy to report that philanthropy is alive and well, despite the economic challenges we face today.

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