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Chronic pain can be both physically and emotionally draining for a person, and can affect the entire family.  Dr. To-Nhu Vu is the Director of WellSpan's Interventional Pain Management program. She says that cancer patients experience pain not only from the cancer tumor itself, but the treatments for cancer. Depression, anxiety and other psychological effects of cancer can also cause pain.

Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor Dr. Dan Shapiro says that there's something called "new age guilt," the belief that you can control your situation by thinking the "right way."  But, he says that he thinks cancer takes a blind eye to people's personalities.

Susan Yoder, a breast cancer survivor, is thankful for the Healthy Woman Program at Lancaster General Health. She had no insurance, so had no way to pay for a mammogram or cancer treatment. But, the Healthy Woman Program covers the cost of mammograms, Pap tests and cancer treatment for women who are uninsured or underinsured in Pennsylvania.

Anne Alaniz, DO, is a Gynecologic Oncology Fellow at WellSpan Health. She admits that at the beginning of her rotation, that she was worried that this would be very depressing. But, when she met mothers and daughters who faced cancer, she could then put a face to the disease, and saw that there was a lot more to it than she thought.

The overall goal of the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA is to find those life sciences discoveries that not only are commercially viable, but improve human health.

Smart Talk host Nell McCormack-Abom guides a community conversation on all aspects of breast cancer... diagnosis, treatment, surgery, advocacy, research, emotions, and life after cancer.

Dr. Anne Alaniz is a Gynecologic Oncology Fellow at WellSpan Health in York, PA. She's been practicing medicine in the US for years, but her interest in medicine began half a word away in Malawi.

In Pennsylvania, over 32 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer today.  Meet a few of these women who have faced the disease, and now look back on their journey in this inspirational video.

I think that each of us knows someone who has been touched by cancer in their life.  Explore the Facing Cancer Together Digital Quilt... It's a unique way that people who are facing cancer in their life are coming together to share wisdom, celebrate strength, and offer hope. 

If you walk the halls at Lancaster General Health, or enter any of the patient rooms on the oncology floor, you'll be impressed by the beautiful variety of artwork that is covering the walls.

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