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Bonnie Berk of Partners in Wellness  says about healing the body and mind, “We know that we are more than just these physical bodies… We are energetic beings.  We can control our beliefs and our attitudes, and in doing that and focusing on that, we can actually strengthen our immune system, the natural healing mechanism within our bodies.”

The daffodil is the signature flower of hope.  And, during the American Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Days campaign in March, it symbolizes hope for cancer patients and their families.

“85 years… almost every day there was something special.”  These are the words of Ann Durr Lyon who is celebrating 25 years cancer-free.

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and we'd like to encourage you to become proactive about your health and learn more about ways to detect and prevent colorectal cancer.  Your family history plays a large role in your risk for the disease, as your risk increases if a family member had colon cancer.  So, this month, take a positive step towards being healthy, educate yourself, start talking to your family, and share what you've learned.

Mickey Grosman is an Israeli-American based in Orlando, Florida who uses his years' worth of experience in the Israeli Special Forces to teach survival skills to groups from all around the world. But nearly two years ago, his life slowed down immensely when he was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer. Now, Grosman has created a nonprofit, Amazon 5000, and will embark on a year-long journey in South America to help raise awareness about cancer.

Breast cancer survivor Kim Mallett is  doing great today and living life to the fullest after a long road of recovering physically and emotionally,   She shares her new perspective on life after cancer in this video.

(Columbus, OH) -- Many times, members of Amish communities view things differently than the rest of the world, including the role of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

How do cancer rates in the Amish community compare to cancer rates in the rest of the population?  A geneticist at the Ohio University set out to answer that question.

In our new "Ask the Experts" video blog series, expert oncologists in Central PA help us answer thought-provoking questions about cancer.

We asked Dr. Shanthi Sivendran, a hematologist/oncologist at Lancaster General Health to help us answer these questions:

Is there more cancer today then ever?
Can stress cause cancer?

Lynn doesn't think of herself as the typical "tattoo chick," but treated herself to a tattoo for her 40th birthday.  Watch Lynn's story below to find out the meaning behind her tattoo.

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