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(Hummelstown) -- With a month left in summer, it's not too late to talk about ways to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. witf's Craig Layne talked about skin protection with Dr. Christine Mackley from Brownstone Dermatology Associatesin Hummelstown.

(Waynesboro) -- Brain tumors can strike, with no warning. Garnet Stevens of Waynesboro, Franklin County, knows this as well as anybody. The cancer survivor has had to deal with two brain tumors. Now, Stevens shares his stories about his treatment and his experience with Facing Cancer Together.

With all the issues related to healthcare in America -- costs, insurance, infections -- here's one you probably didn't know.  The American Hospital Association says that almost every hospital is experiencing a shortage of drugs used to treat their patients.

(Harrisburg) -- This month minor league ballparks across the state will host amateur home-run derbies, and many of the teams are captained by state lawmakers. The series of contests is part of the "Take a Swing Against Breast Cancer" campaign organized by the PA Breast Cancer Coalition to raise money for breast cancer research.

It's what every cancer researcher dreams of – the "cure" – a vaccine that reduces or even eliminates cancerous tumors.

When a cancer patient or survivor looks at themselves in the mirror, they sometimes don't see the same person.  Even if their body hasn't been temporarily or permanently changed, many people with cancer look at themselves and feel their bodies let them down.

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating to the patient who has been disgnosed and the patient's family and friends.  Even though medical science has made great strides toward treating cancers and many more people are surviving, a person who has just learned they have cancer often imagines themselves in the worst case scenario.

(Danville) -- Cancer treatment can sometimes lead to infertility, but there are ways cancer can be defeated while allowing couples to still achieve a successful pregnancy.

When dealing with particularly challenging medical issues, like a cancer diagnosis and treatment, it can be hard to keep track of who and what is going on around you.

(Chambersburg) -- Some cancer patients say they believe a positive attitude and family support can make a world of difference. Husbands, fathers and boyfriends can play a big role in helping women struggling with breast cancer.

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