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(Harrisburg) -- Firefighters across the state are routinely exposed to cancer-causing chemicals while they perform their duties.  A law enacted this year is designed to recognize that fact and give firefighters and their families more peace of mind if a first responder is diagnosed with cancer.

(Baltimore) -- Sometimes the fight against cancer cannot be won - no matter how tough the cancer patient is. Plenty of people have called Ron Smith "tough" over the years. Last week, the Baltimore Sun columnist and long-time conservative radio show host at WBAL announced on the air that he was abandoning chemotherapy to treat his stage-four pancreatic cancer.

The Facing Cancer Together  tagline is, "Connecting Stories, Connecting Lives.”  What we've learned since the initiative began last Spring is those diagnosed with cancer battle through their treatments and the changes in their lives with support from family, friends and the doctors and nurses who treat them.  Making connections is a large part of that support.

(Harrisburg) -- Robotic surgery is improving operations and speeding recovery for patients in the midstate.

Dr. John Kajic is the program manager at Highmark Caring Place, a Center for Grieving Children, Adolescents and Their Families.  Dr. Kajic shares his thoughts on how children grieve the loss of a loved one in this Radio Smart Talk episode.  He is joined by Nichelle McLamb who lost her mother in March.  She shares her experience with loss and how her young daughter coped with the loss of her grandmother.  the Caring Place played a key role in the healing of their family.

(Chambersburg) -- Pennsylvania's so-called smoking ban, the Clean Indoor Air Act, has been in effect since 2008. The American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network pushed for the legislation, but the group says there's still work to be done on cancer-prevention measures in both the state and federal government.

A diagnosis of cancer brings with it a whole array of fears, anxieties, and worries.  Most have to do with health and treatment, but eventually the financial impact a cancer diagnosis has on the person being treated, his or her family or caregiver rises to the top of the list of concerns.

Almost 12 million Americans are living with some form of cancer and it's expected another 1.5 million will be diagnosed this year.  There are certain healthy foods that help fight cancer.  It just so happens that many of these foods fit into a healthy lifestyle period.

(Hanover) -- A midstate breast cancer survivor was inspired by her battle with the disease to open a new business.

Dr. Jennifer Kegel is a radiologist at Lancaster General Health and she has a unique perspective on breast cancer.  That's because Dr. Kegel is a breast cancer survivor herself and she says it changed how she communicates with patients who have been disagnosed with breast cancer.

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