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Letters to Sam

Written by  Anita Cherry
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“I have been a very lucky woman to live a creative life as a painter, art teacher, and to write a book,” says Anita Cherry, a resident of York, PA.

Anita also describes herself as a “cancer traveler,” who has been able to move beyond the pain of overcoming the darkness of ovarian cancer, infertility, and recurring thyroid cancer in her life.


Her book, “Letters to Sam,” is the product of thirty years of writing. She says, “The pages went into a private drawer. Before my last surgery four years ago, I went to this drawer, took all of the writing out, and pitched them. After the surgery I wrote the distilled version of all of those pages.”

Writing “Letters to Sam,” not only helped Anita to process her own journey, but it has made her look outside herself and see that her words have helped others face their own fears.

  • “To be able to reach deep within your sprit and reveal the truth is an amazing ability. Anita truly takes flight and comes face to face with her fears. She is free. A great read.” -Annie

The chapters in her book are moments and feelings that others can relate to. The words let them know that they are not facing their fears alone. Anita says, “It made me feel beautiful inside, and it was a validation that I was a worthwhile person to myself. Nothing creatively had ever set me so free. This book is what I am most proud of.”

A description of the book: 
A poetic telling to her adopted daughter of the author's reflections on early-adulthood ovarian cancer, infertility, and recurring thyroid cancer, and of moving beyond the pain to celebrate life and growth.

Anita has generously shared her book (.pdf file), with our community… Because, we truly are in this together.

Click on the book cover to read her inspiring journey and we invite you to share your thoughts, feelings, praise in the comments below.

Enjoy, “Letters to Sam” by Anita Cherry:


We’re in this together… many thanks, Anita, for your moving words.

Reader reviews: "Letters To Sam" This is a poetic journey which maps the triumph of the mind and the spirit of the extraordinary author,Anita Cherry, as she faces life as a cancer traveller.Her sensitivity and sweetness light the way with an upbeat and powerful strength of will which produces a shared bond of joy and hope in the reader. I recommend this book highly and believe it will one day be find its way to the Oprah Show. -Roslyn

Another reader shared in a handwritten note to Anita:


Buy the book at Amazon. 


#10 Samantha 2014-03-27 13:17
To whomever "Beth" is: while I understand and respect the concept of an open discussion and comment forum and the need to share ones opinions in such a place, I would caution you (and others) about posting such openly derogatory and clearly misguided comments about people whom you have never met. I think it the height of huberous to request documentation from a cancer survivor, when clearly it is not something that you have experienced yourself. If you have, I apologize. People share, grieve, and experience things in different ways. No one experience is the same as any other. Insulting the experiences and situations of others will get you nowhere but back to where you started... lonely, confused, and fruitless. Have a nice day.
#9 jimmy 2013-04-01 20:29
Thank-You for being here on Earth
and sharing your Goldmind for free!
#8 Audrey 2013-03-26 15:36
I read this book and a few days later read it again. I enjoyed it even more the second time.
#7 Jackie Sandblade 2013-03-09 14:08
Very good book. Well written and so helpful. Thanks.
#6 Dawn 2013-03-04 13:12
This was such a moving read. So many points and truths in how life works, it was amazing. I feel blessed to have had the oppurtunity to read this.
#5 Lee Ann 2013-02-24 15:29
Oh my gosh! That was amazing! You have such a gift for expressing your feelings! I have always pretty much been in the closet, about my childhood cancer experience. I kind of always felt like if I acted like it never happened, life would be better for me. Not sure how well that this has worked out for me? lol, I kind of feel like a cancer, ticking time-bomb, that could go off at any time. I have the fear of a reoccurrence lodged somewhere in the depths of my brain! Your story has definitely helped me!
#4 Ed 2013-02-12 17:07
Very inspiring story of devastating challenges, wrapped in triumph, and tied with a pretty bow of good humor, deep insight, and daring to just be who she is. Yes she's writing to Sam, but she's writing to you and me as well. Well Done Anita!
#3 Cindy 2013-02-02 16:02
Very good book very inspiring. Please read on the radio
#2 Max 2013-01-31 20:54
After read this book and hear the words in my mind and the enjoyment it brought...thought this would be a good selection for your listening membership...thank you for your consideration...Max
#1 Michael Davila 2013-01-17 19:42
This book shares the introspection's felt,then shared in written form by Mrs. Cherry.The fact she is able to covey these feelings in that light,are a great source of healing words for those dealing with this disease.












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