The new colorectal cancer drug, regorafenib, shows promise in study.  This medication apparently slows tumor growth and extends life in advanced cases after other treatments fail. FDA approval will be sought this year for the medication.

(York) -- Last year, more than 12,000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in the United States, making it the third-most common cancer among females worldwide. In recent years, a new series of vaccines has helped cut down on the number of cases of human papilloma virus, which can lead to cervical cancer.

One of the lessons learned from witf's Facing Cancer Together series over the last few months is that medical science has come a long way in how cancers are diagnosed and treated.  A cancer diagnosis used to be about the same as a death sentence to many.

When you get a diagnosis of cancer, the fight to survive becomes personal.  A unique set of challenges faces each cancer patient.  Please join us for the Smart Talk/Facing Cancer Together Community Forum: Making It Personal, Thursday night at 8 on witf TV.

According to the American Cancer Society's annual report, cancer rates in the U.S. are continuing to fall, dropping by 1.8 percent per year in men and 1.6 percent per year in.

HARRISBURG, PA –“Cancer” can be a scary word for many. But being proactive about your health can make a big difference in facing the disease. This new year, the PinnacleHealth-Fox Chase Cancer Center reminds you of the importance of screening in detecting cancer at its earliest stages, and encourage you to adopt healthy habits to help reduce your cancer risk.

A new survey shows that few breast cancer survivors said that having a follow-up appointment over the phone or online with a medial professional instead of an in-person check up would ease stress and worry.

Jean Gabsewics and Mary Ann Gano are both registered dietitians and oncology dietitians at WellSpan Health's York Cancer Center.  They explain in the video below, why getting 5 servings of fruits and vegetables is so important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fending off cancer.

Dr. Roald Hempling, the Director of Oncology Services at WellSpan Health in York, PA, weighs in on some of the myths surrounding breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer.

News in brief for 12.12.11

There is some good news for childhood cancer survivors.  New studies have shown that despite the aggressive radiation and chemo treatments they endured, there doesn’t seem to be an increased risk that their children will have a higher risk of birth defects.

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