Take a look around you. A lot of people are cancer survivors. Why so many? Here's the quick answer.

Doctors tell us more people are surviving longer with cancer. Then why are the mortality numbers barely falling?

Is someone you know likely to get cancer? Yes. Take a look at the odds – and what it all means.

Many people think of cancer as a modern disease, but it's not. You might be surprised at early knowledge and early treatments, and how they've both evolved.

Watch: Karen Charlesworth is living proof of cancer survivorship. She's now becoming a patient advocate, and says her health is terrific. Meet Karen in this 2009 witf Health Smart report on a mother's journey through colon cancer.

Did you know that 40% of cancer is preventable? That's what doctors say.  These eight steps can cut your risk of cancer plus keep a lot of other nasty health problems at bay.

"I woke up and rubbed my eyes and my hands were covered with blood. I was bleeding from my nose and mouth and skin."

National Minority Cancer Awareness Week Provides Opportunity to Join the Movement for a World with More Birthdays

Colo-rectal cancer is probably the most preventable cancer, because screening can find and treat pre-cancerous growths.  Even so, people continue to come in for treatment too late.

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