(Bethesda, Md.) -- In the fight against cancer, information is a powerful weapon. Much of that information is just a phone call away.

Sarcomas are rare malignant tumors that arise from connective tissue: muscle, ligaments, nerves, cartilage, blood vessels. 

Dr. Victor Vogel is director of Geisinger's cancer center and he has been a medical oncologist for 25 years.  He shares some thoughts on how far we've come in the war on cancer, and where we are heading in research.  Scroll down to watch the video.

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating to the patient who has been disgnosed and the patient's family and friends.  Even though medical science has made great strides toward treating cancers and many more people are surviving, a person who has just learned they have cancer often imagines themselves in the worst case scenario.

Each day about 25 women in Pennsylvania will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Listen to this engaging and informationve conversation about the basics of breast cancer, the latest treatments, and risks.  And, hear a personal story from the breast cancer survivor that inspired the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

There are so many people getting cancer, one has to wonder, "Do I have any control if I get cancer or not?" The PA Department of Health shares in this video that there are many cancer risks that we can control.  What are they? 

There are many myths surrounding cancer. For example: One cancer is just like another. Not true. In fact, "cancer" is a term we use to describe a variety of diseases. There are more than 900 different "cancers."

The Big "C" diagnosis can be terrifying and confusing, to name just a few of the emotions one might feel.  TV Smart Talk's host, Nell McCormack Abom, led a discussion with a panel of expert oncologists to address some of the "starter" questions many people have about cancer. 

So many great questions about cancer came in from the audiences participating in the Facing Cancer Together webinar launch event, as well as the recent TV Smart Talk and Radio Smart Talk programs.  So many that we couldn't get to them all.  Below are the expert answers to those cancer questions that weren't answered in those programs, courtesy of the experts at WellSpan Health. 

The April 11th Radio Smart Talk begins with an overview of the Facing Cancer Together project, and then goes into a "cancer 101" – where listeners had a chance to ask any basic questions they had about cancer, what it is, what causes it, and how and when to seek treatment.

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