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Welcome to the Personal Journal, a blog by people who have cancer or whose lives have been touched by cancer. Follow as they share their journey with us. Please leave a comment to add your voice to the conversation.

The death of someone we love is difficult in itself.  The expectations of the holiday season compound that difficulty.  A number of thoughts and plans can help us to get through this hard time.  In the midst of practical considerations, remember that grieving takes energy, so be gentle with yourself and your children.  You don't need to provide the perfect holiday — for yourself, for your children, or for others.

Dear Cancer Patient, 

You don’t know me and probably never will. And that’s fine, because I know you have a lot to deal with right now.  I am a marketing professional—you know the person that helps make the ads you see and the brochures you read.  And I want to let you know that I care.

 It’s not just doctors and nurses who care.  A lot of people care about you—many more than you realize.

witf and Facing Cancer Together  were honored to attend this year's PA Breast Cancer Coalition conference in Harrisburg.  We were inspired by the women we ment there and would like to share the personal stories of four of these breast cancer survivors with you.  We've created Digital Quilt patches where you can hear the stories of Kathy, Kate, Scarlett and Tammy... told in their own voices.












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A message from the Facing Cancer Together team: We invite you to join us in this community partnership. Share. Connect. Learn. No matter how cancer has affected you, our multimedia tools can help you gain confidence in your choices. In the coming months, this site will evolve with your participation. Meet the team!

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