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Welcome to the Personal Journal, a blog by people who have cancer or whose lives have been touched by cancer. Follow as they share their journey with us. Please leave a comment to add your voice to the conversation.

In February, Facing Cancer Together explored what every cancer patient wants you to know… The acts of kindness that brought comfort during treatment, the importance of humor, and communication tips for family and friends.  What advice can you share?  Please leave a comment!

This Valentine's Day, we'd like to celebrate the inspiring acts of love and kindness we've been privileged to witness throughout the Facing Cancer Together project.  We've gathered a few of the many stories we've heard and read, and would love to hear your stories of love as well in a comment below.  

Greetings! As a 10-year uterine cancer survivor, I’m writing to you in loving memory of my Aunt Doris Kelly Peets, who died of ovarian cancer while in her 60s. The day before she died, she was sitting in her hospital bed reading a huge book about China…she NEVER lost her love of knowledge and learning. Please support more research for an early, reliable screening test and a cure for all stages of ovarian cancer.
Thank you.












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A message from the Facing Cancer Together team: We invite you to join us in this community partnership. Share. Connect. Learn. No matter how cancer has affected you, our multimedia tools can help you gain confidence in your choices. In the coming months, this site will evolve with your participation. Meet the team!

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