Major medical milestones have been reached within the walls of the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center, like the development of chemotherapy for cancer and the first treatment of AIDS.

(Hershey) -- About 40 years ago, President Richard Nixon declared a so-called "War on Cancer" by signing the National Cancer Act.

Since the beginning of history human beings have suffered from cancer.  Some of the earliest evidence has been found in fossilized bone tumors and in mummies in ancient Egypt.

When you get a diagnosis of cancer, the fight to survive becomes personal.  A unique set of challenges faces each cancer patient.  Please join us for the Smart Talk/Facing Cancer Together Community Forum: Making It Personal, Thursday night at 8 on witf TV.

(Hershey) -- The Food and Drug Administration has rescinded its approval for the breast cancer-fighting drug Avastin, saying it did not necessarily help patients live longer while sometimes giving them severe side effects.

(Harrisburg) -- Firefighters across the state are routinely exposed to cancer-causing chemicals while they perform their duties.  A law enacted this year is designed to recognize that fact and give firefighters and their families more peace of mind if a first responder is diagnosed with cancer.

Smart Talk host Nell McCormack-Abom guides a community conversation on all aspects of breast cancer... diagnosis, treatment, surgery, advocacy, research, emotions, and life after cancer.

Dr. Victor Vogel is director of Geisinger's cancer center and he has been a medical oncologist for 25 years.  He shares some thoughts on how far we've come in the war on cancer, and where we are heading in research.  Scroll down to watch the video.

Vicky Darden is a cervical cancer survivor and is now an active advocate for cancer awareness.

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