The biblical story of Christmas is the story of a miracle.  But the Brobson family of Harrisburg has its own Christmas miracle.  Her name is Claire.

Dr. John Kajic is the program manager at Highmark Caring Place, a Center for Grieving Children, Adolescents and Their Families.  Dr. Kajic shares his thoughts on how children grieve the loss of a loved one in this Radio Smart Talk episode.  He is joined by Nichelle McLamb who lost her mother in March.  She shares her experience with loss and how her young daughter coped with the loss of her grandmother.  the Caring Place played a key role in the healing of their family.

A diagnosis of cancer brings with it a whole array of fears, anxieties, and worries.  Most have to do with health and treatment, but eventually the financial impact a cancer diagnosis has on the person being treated, his or her family or caregiver rises to the top of the list of concerns.

Hearing the words, "you have cancer," is life altering.  Hearing the words, "You are a cancer survivor," is life affirming.  Join us on Smart Talk, Thursday night at 8, as we offer a special community forum on Facing Cancer Together.  We will explore what it means to survive a cancer diagnosis and how survivorship presents new challenges and opportunities to patients.

For Jerod Bangert and his mother Abby Shireman, the Highmark Caring Place provided hope and healing after the loss of Jerod’s dad to pancreatic cancer.

PITTSBURGH (Nov. 14, 2011) – This Thursday, Nov. 17, children, schools and communities throughout Pennsylvania, across America and worldwide will unite by wearing blue to commemorate “Children’s Grief Awareness Day.”

Olivia's House is a grief and loss center in York, PA designed to help children cope with the loss of a loved one.  Olivia's House founder and bereavement specialist, Leslie Delp, says that  when a child's family member is facing a terminal diagnosis, there can be some anticipatory grief.  But, one way to prepare and cope when the end is near, is to give what she calls "the gift of goodbye."

HARRISBURG, PA – Central Dauphin Middle School students will participate in PinnacleHealth Hospice’s Kids Walking for Kids fundraising walk on Tuesday, October 25 from 2:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. at Central Dauphin Middle School’s track.

Smart Talk host Nell McCormack-Abom guides a community conversation on all aspects of breast cancer... diagnosis, treatment, surgery, advocacy, research, emotions, and life after cancer.

This video highlights our team's experience volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA.

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