Exciting research conducted at the Penn State Hershey College of Medicine has shown that a compound found in green vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce could soon be used to help prevent and manage mild forms of skin cancer.

It has been 40 years since President Richard Nixon in effect declared war on cancer by signing the National Cancer Act and infusing $100 million more into research aimed at eradicating America's number-two killer.  He said then, "The time has come in America when the same kind of concentrated effort that split the atom and took man to the moon should be turned toward conquering this dread disease. Let us make a total national commitment to achieve this goal."

Clinical trial participant Connie Dunklebarger and WellSpan breast cancer oncologist Dr. Tom Bauer, talk about a groundbreaking clinical trial that will change breast cancer surgery forever.

I began this journey with an odd pain in my right side when I coughed or sneezed.  When I finally sought medical care, it took two years to identify the source...lung cancer.  At one point, in the midst of all this, I even asked my doctor if this could be something really bad.  It just seemed so unnatural to have a chronic pain like that with no explanation over the course of several years.  I had a bad feeling and I wish I would have pushed harder.

Stephanie Haney is a never-smoker who is facing stage IV lung cancer.

WellSpan is continuously striving to ensure that the most current cancer therapies, in respect to treatment, symptom management and prevention are available to the communities we serve.

For over 100 years, PinnacleHealth has used research to create new technologies, programs and treatments that have resulted in improved care.

Clinical trials are a standard of care at Lancaster General Health. A team of cancer specialty physicians, nurses, research personnel and administrative staff ensure oversight and selection of clinical trials based on criteria that include community need, types of cancer seen, safety, and those studies with a molecular target to help select people likely or not likely to benefit.

The American Cancer Society Clinical Trials Matching Service is a free, confidential program that helps patients, their families and health care workers find cancer clinical trials most appropriate to a patient's medical and personal situation through a partnership with the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups.

5% of all patients that are diagnosed with cancer participate in a clinical trial. That means that 95% do not participate.  About 1.5 million people will get a cancer diagnosis in 2011.  Just think of the impact 1.5 million people could have on the face of cacer research if they participated in a trial. 

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