The overall goal of the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA is to find those life sciences discoveries that not only are commercially viable, but improve human health.

Smart Talk host Nell McCormack-Abom guides a community conversation on all aspects of breast cancer... diagnosis, treatment, surgery, advocacy, research, emotions, and life after cancer.

(Harrisburg) -- A new grant is expected to help some midstate doctors research a virus that's been found to have killed breast cancer cells.

Medical science has made great strides in detecting and treating breast cancer but what is left to be done?  To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to help answer tis question, Pat Halpin-Murphy, the president and founder of the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition joined Radio Smart Talk's Scott LaMar in the witf studio.

HERSHEY, Pa- 10.6.11- Exciting new research at Penn State Hershey Medical Center has found that there is a new virus , that in various lab tests, kills breast cancer cells.  And, it kills all types of breast cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

Cancer is undoubtedly the one word you never want to hear from your doctor, but the truth is that more of us are surviving the disease than ever before. Thanks to better detection methods, earlier diagnoses, and huge advances in treatment, survival rates are now 68 percent, an impressive improvement from a 50 percent survival rate 36 years ago.

Cancer News In Brief 8.31.11

Patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy for malignant glioblastoma appeared to have better overall survival if they also received the anti-seizure medication valproic acid.

In a mid-stage trial, an experimental cancer treatment was found not effective in patients with colorectal cancer, just a week after the same treatment method showed strong efficacy in treating primary liver cancer patients. Delcath Systems Inc is designing a minimally invasive procedure to administer high dose chemotherapy drugs to only the diseased organs or regions of the body -- thereby restricting the harsh effects of chemo drugs on other body organs.

Dr. Victor Vogel is director of Geisinger's cancer center and he has been a medical oncologist for 25 years.  He shares some thoughts on how far we've come in the war on cancer, and where we are heading in research.  Scroll down to watch the video.

It's what every cancer researcher dreams of – the "cure" – a vaccine that reduces or even eliminates cancerous tumors.

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