(Hershey) -- The Food and Drug Administration has rescinded its approval for the breast cancer-fighting drug Avastin, saying it did not necessarily help patients live longer while sometimes giving them severe side effects.

We received a voice message from a woman in our community named Becky who was responding to a piece written by witf president & CEO, Kathleen Pavelko, titled "The power of pink: What it all means."  Becky expressed concern that in the midst of all the pink and awareness being raised for women in October, we're forgetting about the fact that men need to be aware that they too are at risk of developing breast cancer.

Bette Martin has battled breast cancer, and has also battled stage four liver, bone and brain cancer.  She has undergone radiation and chemotherapy to treat her cancer, but has also turned to alternative methods of healing such as healing touch therapy and the ancient Japanese practice of Reiki.

The definition of philanthropy:  
1.  The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed esp. by the generous donation of money to good causes.
2.  A philanthropic institution; a charity.

Or, as Jay Bucher, the President of the Lancaster General Health Foundation, says, "philanthropy is goodwill to mankind."  He is happy to report that philanthropy is alive and well, despite the economic challenges we face today.

This special Smart Talk and Facing Cancer Together community forum explores what it means to survive a cancer diagnosis and how survivorship presents new challenges and opportunities to patients.

Hearing the words, "you have cancer," is life altering.  Hearing the words, "You are a cancer survivor," is life affirming.  Smart Talk and Facing Cancer Together  explore what it means to survive a cancer diagnosis and how survivorship presents new challenges and opportunities to patients.

(Hanover) -- A midstate breast cancer survivor was inspired by her battle with the disease to open a new business.

ATLANTA (October 30, 2011) – Bright Starts, an innovative brand of infant and toddler products, has named Diana Klunk, President of LifeChanges Boutique, Inc. in Hanover, PA., as a 2011 Pink Power Mom. Klunk joins seven other women from across the United States who were selected for persevering through their battles with breast cancer and for their continuous inspiration to their family, friends and other survivors. These eight women stood out among the more than 200 nominees, for their dedication, commitment and individual efforts in the fight against breast cancer. 


The core goal of physicians and medical researchers in advancing medical intervention can be defined as ‘opening the therapeutic window’.  

Conceptually, a medical intervention with an ‘open’ therapeutic window is one that is effective in providing cure and, at the same time, doing so with no side effects or with side effects that are minimal or tolerable.

Dr. Jennifer Kegel is a radiologist at Lancaster General Health and she has a unique perspective on breast cancer.  That's because Dr. Kegel is a breast cancer survivor herself and she says it changed how she communicates with patients who have been disagnosed with breast cancer.

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