(Danville) -- A central Pennsylvania oncologist is urging breast cancer patients to consider undergoing breast-conserving surgery instead of a mastectomy as a possible way to treat cancer.

Entire months are dedicated to bringing awareness to certain types of cancers, but what about those cancers that don’t affect as many people?

Lynn Fantom, an oncology nurse navigator at Lancaster General Health, has been helping cancer patients, mainly breast cancer patients, for 8 years.  She loves being able to help a person navigate their physical and emotional concerns after a cancer diagnosis.  “I learn from each patient.  They give me inspiration and courage every day to do what I do, and make me realize that there’s nothing in life you can’t handle… you can face this.”

Benjamin Franklin may have said, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” but most of us spend a good deal time trying to avoid both.

A special group of cancer survivors look forward to what life has in store for them.  And, many hope to use their own wisdom to help others navigate their experience with facing cancer.  Watch this video for inspiration and please let us know what you’re looking forward to in a comment.

Breast cancer changed Lori Rineer’s life permanently and it’s something that she’ll never forget.  So, she marked this chapter in her life with a breast cancer ribbon and heart tattoo that symbolizes this life-changing event.  Each of her tattoos tells a story, and this one is a celebration of her journey.

Julie Bolton is an oncology nurse at Lancaster General Health's Infusion Center.  Julie looked up to her mother who was a great role model as a nurse.  She had many opportunities to observe her mother interacting with her patients and this inspired her to become a nurse herself.

Dr. Roald Hempling, the Director of Oncology Services at WellSpan Health in York, PA, weighs in on some of the myths surrounding breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer.

This June, I celebrated my 70th birthday.  Not unusual in itself; lots of folks do.  But, I am a 4-time cancer survivor.

Kristin Gilhool and Marc Hirschler inherited a lot from their mother…bright smiles and a zest for life.  But, they also inherited a heightened risk for cancer.

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