Mastectomy post-op awareness

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After Linda Fischer discovered a lump in 2003, she got it checked out and doctors confirmed her worst fear: that she had breast cancer. “My whole world just changed,” Linda says. “I just collapsed and thought ‘I can’t believe this.’ It all came so fast and I didn’t have time to think… I went into this shock.”

breast-cancer-pink-ribbonAlthough she explored holistic options for her treatment, she ended up needing chemotherapy, and then surgery: a double mastectomy. “What we go through is such an uphill battle emotionally with this type of surgery. We’re getting rid of a big part of our identity, the first thing that makes us a woman. That’s a big part of who we are. Now I know what they mean when they say ‘Linda you’re an amazing woman to get through that.’”  Scroll down to hear some advice from Linda about what to expect after surgery.


She discovered through her recovery, that she was unprepared for the side-effects of breast cancer surgery and saw that there were items that she needed to get through it. “I was like ‘I need to help women get through this.’ And, I just knew that someday I would turn it into a business creating recovery care baskets for women going through this type of surgery.”  

“Wings of Angels to me means comfort,” says Linda.  That’s why she started a recovery care basket business, Wings of Angels, which provides care and hope to women who are recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Aside from delivering useful products, Linda delivers hope. “I have talked with many women and they say ‘Linda, you’re my angel. That’s the greatest gift. I guess that’s my hope for Wings of Angels… for women to see me and say ‘That’s going to be me someday. I am going to survive.”

Extra videos:
Linda shares some tipsabout how to help a friend who has cancer.
Learn more about Linda's business, Wings of Angels, in this video.

What items have helped you recover? What gave you hope throughout your cancer journey? Please leave a comment below.


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