Does a positive attitude help to fight cancer?

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Does a positive attitude help to fight cancer?  Many people, including lots of cancer survivors, think so.

dan_shapiro_guitarDr. Dan Shapiro is not only a Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor, but he is also the chairman of the Department of Humanities at the Penn State College of Medicine, and also is a clinical psychologist.  Dr. Shapiro says that there's something called "new age guilt," the belief that you can control your situation by thinking the "right way." But, he says that he thinks cancer takes a blind eye to people's personalities.  Personality does, however, help a person navigate through the experience in a more positive way.

 Click here to watch a video about Dan's thoughts on new age guilt, and see what some other cancer survivors are feeling about their own experience facing cancer.

Joining Dr. Shapiro to discuss this topic is Karolyn Kelly O'Keefe, a writer who is a 10-year uterine cancer survivor.  Listen to their conversation in this episode of Radio Smart Talk:

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"Ten (Somewhat) Practical Suggestions for Surviving Cancer"
by Karolyn Kelly O'Keefe

karolyn-kelly-o-keefeFor some inexplicable reason, I seem destined to learn everything the hard way. Because I work as a writer, I feel compelled to pass along my experiences to others. So here are some things I learned since surviving -- nay, THRIVING, after cancer.

Lesson #1: Never attempt to hide a cancer diagnosis from your mother. If she is anything like mine, less than one hour after you receive the news it will register on your mom’s built-in child-homing device. She will then hunt you down, even if you try to hide at your boyfriend’s house, as I did.

#2: Always think of chemo and radiation as medicine that is working to make you well. I made the tactical error of associating these treatments with poison. No wonder I became depressed and my weight dipped below 100 pounds for the first time since high school. Apparently, your body eavesdrops on whatever is going on in your mind and acts accordingly. Thinking negatively also unnecessarily worries your loved ones – most especially your faithful feline or canine companions.

Click here to read the entire blog.

What do you think about attitude while facing cancer?  How has it played a role in your own personal journey?  Please leave a comment below.

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