Dealing With the Cost of Cancer Treatment

Written by  Patty Gelenberg
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"I woke up and rubbed my eyes and my hands were covered with blood. I was bleeding from my nose and mouth and skin."

central_pa_cancer_articleSam was diagnosed with blood cancer at the age of 22. He’s 34 now. Sam was born and raised in Central PA. He has a full-time job but it pays little, and he can’t afford the premiums for his company insurance. The good news is, Sam’s pretty sure his cancer is in remission. The bad news is, he’s reluctant to visit his doctor for a checkup because if the cancer comes back, he can’t afford to have it treated.

Sam’s fears are mirrored by thousands of other people in this area who have been knocked flat by the breathtaking cost of cancer care — often tens of thousands of dollars; maybe a million or more if the cancer requires very complicated treatments. And even if you have insurance, you’re paying a lot of that out of pocket.

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