Cancer survivors look to the future with hope

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A special group of cancer survivors look forward to what life has in store for them.  And, many hope to use their own wisdom to help others navigate their experience with facing cancer.  Watch this video for inspiration and please let us know what you’re looking forward to in a comment.

bette-martin-chemotherapy-quiltScroll down to watch this inspirational video.  

“I’m looking forward to the next ten years, for sure,” says Norma Jean Warfel, a 10-year pancreatic cancer survivor.  She says that cancer has given her a new perspective on life.  “I make the most of what I have, and I’m thankful for every day that I get up.”  Watch Norma’s story and learn more about pancreatic cancer in this video.

Jay Snyder is another cancer survivor who is sharing wisdom gained from his own battle with prostate cancer.  Now that his life is “back to normal,” he is working to raise awareness among other men to get themselves tested for prostate cancer.  Hear more from Jay and other prostate cancer advocates in this video.

Bette Martin (pictured right) says that although her journey with breast cancer has at times made her sad, her hopes are that her journey will help others.  “I hope it will provide an opportunity for me to be there for others in a way that may help them on their journey.”  Click here for more of Bette’s story that she’s shared in personal blogs and videos.

lynns-daughtersRomeo LaMarco's son Joel was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He compares the journey to climbing a mountain.  "Each step is like one tough step.  Tt's not the step to being cured, it's just a step to getting there.  And, once you're at the top, if you're lucky enough, you survive."  You can watch Joel's success story here.

“My little girls… I don’t want them to have to grow up without a mommy.”  That was colon cancer survivor Lynn Eib’s prayer through her treatments for the disease.  When she saw her youngest of three daughters graduate, she breathed a sigh of relief and told herself, “Yes! I did it.  I made it.”  She now has seen her daughters graduate from college and watch two of them get married.  And, she now has a grandson!  These are things Lynn says, “I never dared to hope and dream for.”  Hear Lynn’s story about facing colon cancer as a young mother in this video. 

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