Leslie Delp: Grief is a sacred sorrow worthy of expression

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“Grief is neither a problem to solve nor a difficulty to overcome.  It’s a sacred sorrow worthy of expression.”  These are the words of child grief expert Leslie Delp, who helped a group of parents, teachers, and caregivers understand grief through the eyes of a child at a community forum.

olivias_house_signLeslie Delp, MA, is the Founder & Bereavement Specialist at Olivia's House in York, PA, a grief and loss center for children and families. Leslie said at the forum "When you leave blanks for children, they make stuff up- and it's not always good." That's why Olivia's House is there to support parents in being honest with their children. She added, "Our job at Olivia's House is to provide support for parents- and to encourage them to provide their kids with opportunities for questions."

To Leslie and her team at Olivia’s House, a child doesn’t need to be fixed, they need to be supported.  Learn more from Leslie in the video below, or click here to watch her entire presentation given at "I'm Here With You: Understanding Children & Grief," a special community forum addressing myths, fears, and questions related to children's grief.

fct_child_grief_hi-resOlivia's House is an organization of caregiving professionals and volunteers committed to supporting grieving children. Its purpose is to facilitate healing through grief and loss education.

Olivia's House

830 S. George Street

York, PA 17403

Phone:  717-699-1133
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