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A cancer diagnosis can undoubtedly be overwhelming.  You may be forced to think about things you never wanted to consider.  Will you be able to beat the disease?

Today, millions of people are living with or have had cancer.  In 2010, it’s estimated that over 1.5 million people were diagnosed in the US, while over 500,000 lost the battle with cancer.

In this episode of TV Smart Talk, host Nell McCormack Abom and her guests address thoughts about the end of life and answer some of the tough questions.  Should someone who is facing a cancer diagnosis prepare for the worst?  The panel discusses everything from palliative care to the decision to end treatment.

Dr. Karen Mechanic, head of psychiatry for the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia helps to sort through thoughts about the end of life.  She is joined by Dr. Arlene Bobonich from PinnacleHealth Palliative Care who offers information about care options.  Dr. Joan Harrold, the medical director for the Hospice of Lancaster County shares her knowledge of hospice care.  And guest Dr. Amir Tabatabai, an oncologist with Cancer Care of York talks about medical decisions relating to a terminal diagnosis.

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