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Death is a topic we often don’t talk about.  It could be one of the reasons more of us aren’t prepared for our funerals or haven’t conveyed our wishes to family members.

funeral-familyMore and more people are pre-planning their funerals.  Sometimes, they’re surprised at how much planning goes into even a small event.

Because the discussion doesn’t come up often, there are many questions surrounding what becomes of our bodies after death.

Funeral directors and supervisors from Central PA  answer community questions in this episode of  Radio Smart Talk.

For example, how to pick out and pay for a burial plot, what’s a funeral cost, what goes into the cremation process, or what about being buried “green?”

The guests include funeral directors Steven R. Kreamer of Kreamer Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. in Annville, Tom Buter of The Groffs Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Lancaster and Theodore Beck of Buch Funeral Home in Manheim.

Listen to the program:

Other questions that they help answer in the program are:

Madison- "I had heard about a thing where you can send ashes some where and have them turned into a diamond...I love this idea because then they could be given to the children to keep...I was wondering how expensive this really is and how it works?"

Rebecca- "I recently had my teeth cleaned. The hygienist mentioned my gold tooth. This had me thinking about when I die do these teeth have value and does a funeral director remove this gold and give it to the family?"

angel-graveWhat questions do you have? Please leave a comment below.

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