Transforming Health: New effort continues witf's focus on care

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Since April 2011, witf has worked with three health systems in presenting a broad-based, multimedia exploration of cancer called Facing Cancer Together. With the support and counsel of nonprofits, PinnacleHealth, WellSpan Health and Lancaster General Health, Facing Cancer Together produced 419 media pieces, plus live events and social media posts.
Now witf and its Facing Cancer Together partners have agreed to continue the project with a new focus. Now called Transforming Health, the new effort will launch on Nov. 12 and be followed with a Transforming Health Community Forum on “Smart Talk TV” at 8 p.m. Nov. 15.

Transforming Health will be a broadbased, multimedia project. Our goal is to present the policy and personal choices Americans face as the nation’s health care system shifts direction toward one in which partnerships are established to manage overall well-being.

Help inform this new project:
What health topics concern you? Which ones you'd like to know more about?

While the Affordable Care Act will be part of the focus, the project also will explore changes in how health care is organized and delivered. These changes are the result of a decade-long effort by health care professionals, insurers and policymakers to improve the health of individuals and communities. To do so, they have studied health care results data, created incentives for efficiency, placed penalties for hospital readmissions and sought better coordination of care.

th logo 300x170Transforming Health will present a picture of a revolution as it is happening — as medical professionals grapple with the challenge to bring quality up and costs down while improving the experience of health care for patients and their families. You’ll find out what it means for a hospital or health system to become an “accountable care organization” and what your responsibilities will be as a citizen and a patient. And we’ll talk with elected city and county officials about how the right decisions on zoning, transportation and schools can improve health quality for every resident.

As we gear up to launch this new initiative, we'd like to hear from you about what health topics concern you or which ones you'd like to know more about. Please take a moment to fill out this short query. Your responses will help direct our coverage.

Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting initiative!  We'll keep you posted on how to connect, learn, and share your health stories in the near future!  

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