Reiki is "spiritually guided life force energy.”  This Japanese healing technique, which uses a gentle “laying on of hands” to re-balance energy within the body, promotes stress reduction, relaxation, and inner healing.

As the U.S. population grows in number and in age, the question of how we will continue to provide health care for our citizens is a critical one. An imminent nursing shortage—as evidenced by the lack of sufficient students currently enrolled in nursing programs—has made nursing one of the most in-demand careers in coming decades, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics expecting better than average job growth for the field between 2010 and 2020.

The National Cancer Institute estimates more than 1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in 2012.  The overwhelming majority of them will be treated conventionally or traditionally with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  For many, those treatments won't stop the pain and discomfort or will have side effects that present a new set of issues.  Often, they'll opt for alternative therapy or complementary medicine.

Amy Goodling, 30 years old, is a seven-and-a-half year ovarian cancer survivor.  But, her fear at the time wasn’t chemotherapy and wasn’t fighting the cancer.  “It was whether I was going to be able to have children,” she said.

Does a positive attitude help to fight cancer?  Many people, including lots of cancer survivors, think so.

Shelly Lipscomb Echeverria, who says that she’s called “Survivor Shel” by her friends, has a unique way that she’s sharing her journey with breast cancer.  She created a series of original paintings that tells the very personal story of her journey. 

(Mount Laurel, NJ) -- A few years ago, Jarrod Skole of Mount Laurel, New Jersey was an average ten-year-old who enjoyed playing sports and hanging out with his friends. Then, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Jarrod found visualization helped him cope with the disease, which he says he knew nothing about when he was going through treatment.

I am a 12 year head and neck cancer survivor who believes, from personal experience and advanced education, as an American Reflexology Certification Board Certified Reflexologist and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher that Integrative Medicine is an “idea whose time has come."

By checking YES on line 35 of the PA 40 income tax form, Pennsylvanians have contributed nearly $3 million for cancer research.  

Bonnie Berk of Partners in Wellness  says about healing the body and mind, “We know that we are more than just these physical bodies… We are energetic beings.  We can control our beliefs and our attitudes, and in doing that and focusing on that, we can actually strengthen our immune system, the natural healing mechanism within our bodies.”

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