Dr. Roald Hempling, the Director of Oncology Services at WellSpan Health in York, PA, weighs in on some of the myths surrounding breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer.

News in brief for 12.12.11

There is some good news for childhood cancer survivors.  New studies have shown that despite the aggressive radiation and chemo treatments they endured, there doesn’t seem to be an increased risk that their children will have a higher risk of birth defects.

A majority of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will succumb to the disease. But, Dr. Dennis Johnson, a surgical oncologist in York, PA says that there are long-term survivors and treatment shouldn't be dismissed when a person is diagnosed.  Norma Warfel, one of Dr. Johnson’s patients, has survived for ten years and is looking forward to another ten.

(Chambersburg) -- Pennsylvania's so-called smoking ban, the Clean Indoor Air Act, has been in effect since 2008. The American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network pushed for the legislation, but the group says there's still work to be done on cancer-prevention measures in both the state and federal government.

Cancer News in Brief for the week of 11.7.11

Epigenetic drugs that control gene expression may help certain patients with advanced lung cancer, and researchers say they think they may have a way of spotting those who will benefit.

When Ken Bazaar was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he turned to Wikipedia for information on his diagnosis.  He found links and information that brought him up-to-date on the disease and what he was facing, and it ultimately helped him to decide which treatment was right for him.


The core goal of physicians and medical researchers in advancing medical intervention can be defined as ‘opening the therapeutic window’.  

Conceptually, a medical intervention with an ‘open’ therapeutic window is one that is effective in providing cure and, at the same time, doing so with no side effects or with side effects that are minimal or tolerable.

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