With his wife by his side and the support of the Us Too support group, Nelson Peters shares the story of how his life changed when he found out he had prostate cancer.

One Central Pennsylvania man treats his prostate cancer as a chronic disease.

When doctors take a wait-and-see approach to prostate cancer treatment, it's sometimes considered a more controversial practice than if they used more aggressive methods.

James E. Williams Jr.The "Big C" - Cancer is not a team sport

I am a 20 year survivor of prostate cancer. Growing up as a black male in America had its challenges. Two combat tours in Vietnam also had its challenges. However, nothing in my life was as devastating as being told that I had cancer. Cancer is not a team sport. You can't share the feelings of shock, anger, vulnerability, hopelessness and the realization that your mortality is at hand. Life's timetable all of a sudden shrinks from years to months to days. Why me? There must be a mistake. What will happen to my family? How about the work undone and places unseen. All of these reactions occur because I believed that the diagnosis of cancer was a death sentence.

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