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Cancer News in Brief for the week of 11.7.11

Epigenetic drugs that control gene expression may help certain patients with advanced lung cancer, and researchers say they think they may have a way of spotting those who will benefit.

She was one of the first cancer patients I had cared for during my training years. After several months of treatment and watching her tumor shrink, I was excited for her and I said, “Congratulations! The cancer is in remission.”

Smart Talk host Nell McCormack-Abom guides a community conversation on all aspects of breast cancer... diagnosis, treatment, surgery, advocacy, research, emotions, and life after cancer.

Not a week goes by that we don't hear a story about a food or drink that either can contribute to cancer or maybe prevent it.  It can get confusing for those who want to eat healthy.

Summertime means strawberries. And wouldn’t you enjoy those delicious berries even more if they could also help reduce your risk of cancer?  Finding connections between food and cancer treatment is a top research question at the moment.

To save you the suspense of reading to end of this article, I'll simply tell you right up front: There is no magic food or supplement that has consistently been found to prevent cancer.
As a medical oncologist, I am happy to tell you that there is still plenty of good news.

A high fiber diet, sugar and cancer, taxing tobacco, and Pennsylvania cancer stats... just some of the cancer prevention topics discussed in this Radio Smart Talk broadcast.

There are so many people getting cancer, one has to wonder, "Do I have any control if I get cancer or not?" The PA Department of Health shares in this video that there are many cancer risks that we can control.  What are they? 

A panel of Central PA oncology experts discuss screenings, behavior change and why prevention is really the best medicine when it comes to cancer.

Did you know that 40% of cancer is preventable? That's what doctors say.  These eight steps can cut your risk of cancer plus keep a lot of other nasty health problems at bay.

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