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Dr. Christine Mackley of Brownstone Dermatology shares some melanoma facts and some tips about how people can reduce their risks of skin cancer in the video below.

HERSHEY, PA --  As Pennsylvanians plan their Memorial Day barbeques and trips to the pool, the American Cancer Society and its partners remind everyone to go beyond sunscreen to protect themselves from skin cancer, the most common cancer – and a very preventable one.

The rationale is sound and simple, prevention of any disease is better than treatment. Many cancers begin as a proliferation of abnormal cells in a part of the body. These cells do not die, but continue to grow and could eventually spread to other parts of the body. If these early clusters of cells are identified before they spread then they are easier to treat and cure and people tend to do better. The goal of screening is to help people live longer, healthier lives.

Each day about 25 women in Pennsylvania will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Listen to this engaging and informationve conversation about the basics of breast cancer, the latest treatments, and risks.  And, hear a personal story from the breast cancer survivor that inspired the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

"Did you know: Research shows that "feeling your boobies" is just as effective at identifying changes or lumps as doing a formal self-breast exam."

A panel of Central PA oncology experts discuss screenings, behavior change and why prevention is really the best medicine when it comes to cancer.

So many great questions about cancer came in from the audiences participating in the Facing Cancer Together webinar launch event, as well as the recent TV Smart Talk and Radio Smart Talk programs.  So many that we couldn't get to them all.  Below are the expert answers to those cancer questions that weren't answered in those programs, courtesy of the experts at WellSpan Health. 

Did you know that 40% of cancer is preventable? That's what doctors say.  These eight steps can cut your risk of cancer plus keep a lot of other nasty health problems at bay.

Meet Kim Mallett and her husband in this 2009 witf Health Smart report on a young woman's journey after a life-changing diagnosis of breast cancer.

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