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"I know I have a lump, doc, but when I wake up, will I still have my breast?"

Hershey, PA dentist Wesley Davis says that if oral cancers are caught early enough before spreading to other tissues, there's a relatively high cure rate.

Jim Williams is a 20-year prostate cancer survivor and activist who shares his experience with cancer to raise awareness.  And, he wants men to know that having regular prostate exams could save their life.  He knows it's hard for men to go to the doctor, especially when they feel healthy.  But, Jim knows firsthand how important getting regular prostate exams is.  Why?  Because his wife urging him to have a check-up saved his life.  See how in this powerful video below.

Bethany Mongello, a brain cancer survivor, shares the story of how doctors first discovered that she had a brain tumor, and how love has kept her strong through it all.  Scroll down to view her inspiring story.

News In Brief 7.21

A Chinese herbal remedy found in the indigo plant may block brain tumors from migrating to other parts of the brain. The study comes from Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Taller women have an increased risk of developing many types of cancer, compared with their shorter counterparts, according to new research in the Lancet Oncology.

We spoke with Kimberly Mallett exactly four years after she was told by her doctor that she had breast cancer. At only 31 years old, it was a shock to both Kim and her doctor that she had cancer. They discovered she carried the BRCA2 gene which put Kim at high risk for cancer elsewhere in her body. So, even though she found a lump in one of her breasts, Kim was proactive and decided to have a double mastectomy.

Beverly Centini went to Brownstone Dermatology to explore getting some Botox. But, when her dermatologist suggested getting a full body scan, she was stopped in her tracks with a melanoma diagnosis.  Watch her story in the video below. 

Roy Williams, the doctor treating Bette Martin for her metasticized breast cancer, has dozens of medical professionals on his side. He consulted with them about Bette’s case at the PinnacleHealth Tumor Board.

As the weather heats up and many people will be working in their yards, going on vacations to the beaches or engaging in all kinds of outdoor activities, protecting themselves from the sun should be a priority.  Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the country with more than two million non-melanoma skin cancers diagnosed each year.

"Comeuppance" is a short essay written by a doctor who can relate to the sometimes haughty demeanor of "attending physicians" as they examine patients.

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